Why Should I Double Cleanse?

Why Should I Double Cleanse?

This is a question my clients often ask me and there are a number of reasons why I would always recommend double cleansing as part of your skincare routine.

One reason that double cleansing is so important is that if you don’t clean your face properly everything else you do as part of your skincare routine will suffer. This is literally the single most important stage in your routine, so take some time to do this properly and your skin will thank you! It also means when you apply your moisturisers and serums your skin is makeup free and they can work their magic!

Double cleansing your skin will ensure you have removed:

Eye Makeup
Skin Makeup
Skin debris and dead cells
How do I do it?

So how do you double cleanse and when is it best to do this? The best time to double cleanse is in the evening and it is a great thing to work into your bedtime routine.

Cleanse One

This first cleanse is focussed on removing eye makeup, spf and foundation. To do this effectively look for a cleanser with a balmy or oily texture, balmy is best. This is an unusual texture but oil fights oil, it breaks through it quicker than anything else.

If you wear heavier eye makeup you might want to first use a damp cotton pad and your balmy cleanser and then balm cleanse the rest of your face.

A cleanser that is perfect for this is the Pinks Boutique Deep Cleanse Melt for combination and oily skin. If you have sensitive skin or skin that can sometimes be a little dry then opt for something hydrating like the Hydrate Deep Cleanse Melt and for more mature skin you can’t go wrong with the Anti Age Deep Cleanse Melt.

Second Cleanse

In a facial, this is the one where we start to massage and you should do the same. Like your dentist says to clean your teeth for 2 minutes, standing and massaging your face for 2 minutes each night would be unbelievably beneficial to your skin.

For this stage look for a cleanser that is plant oil based and avoid anything that is thin and watery as this will absorb into your skin with little benefit. Some great cleansers are the Ocha Cleanser, great for normal to dry skin, or the Lemongrass Cleanser which suits combination or oily skin.

Once you have picked your cleanser, massage this all over your face and give your skin some love!

After a few minutes remove your cleanser with warm water and your cloth or muslin. Pat your skin dry and then kick in with the rest of your routine.

Should I double-clean in the morning?

In the morning just one cleanse is absolutely fine, especially when you have given your skin such a deep cleanse the night before!

If you are looking to get the longest life from your makeup during the day, using a balm cleanser will help combat patchy makeup as your surface skin will be smoother!

Is there any product I should avoid?

One of the biggest skincare ‘no no’s I hear clients talk about is using makeup wipes. Makeup wipes not only irritate the skin they also mean you are often smearing the dirt and makeup around your face rather than removing it!

Foaming Cleansers
Foaming cleansers are known to produce that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling, and whilst this can be appealing you need to remember that your skin should never feel squeaky clean. Your skin was never meant to feel squeaky clean. Foam is SLS (sodium Lauryl sulphate), drying, itchy, eczema enraging and just not nice to your skin.

Micellar Waters
Micellar water is the buzz word in beauty at the moment and whilst not necessarily bad for your skin this is just not greasy enough to remove your makeup or SPF.

So cleanse and cleanse again with luscious balm based and plant oil enriched products for truly clean skin – without the squeak!

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