Skin Conditons – Eczema

Eczema is characterised by itchy, dry, rough, flaky, inflamed, and irritated skin. There are varying degrees of the condition, from the occasional patch on small areas of the body to all over the face and body. It can flare up, subside, and then flare up again, making it difficult for the sufferer to manage.

Eczema breaks down the skins natural barrier which makes the skin susceptible to an increased loss of water in the skin, more prone to allergens and bacteria entering the skin.

Both situations will aggravate symptoms of dryness and irritation. A Cold climate, central heating, air conditioning, can also cause a flare up of symptoms.

As with all aspect of our skin, diet is a contributing factor. ‘Good fats’ found in several foods are fundamental in providing the essential nutrients that will support weakened skin cells. Potential food intolerances, dust/spore and animal allergies, wool and other materials can also play a part in eczema symptoms.

Rebuilding the skin’s barrier functions through nutrition, supplementation and appropriate skin care is the key job of an holistic skin practitioner. Which is why Ginger Tree uses brands
such as Dermaviduals and DMK to support eczema skins.

Eczema Treatments



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