Holistic Therapies

Hot Towel Application Reflexology at Ginger Tree Clinic

Holistic Therapies at Ginger Tree

The holistic approach to health means that I don’t just pay attention to your physical symptoms, the whole of you includes, the mind (how we think), the emotions (how we feel) and our deeper connection to our world – our spirit.

Touch therapies such as reflexology, massage, crystals, aromatherapy, auricular therapy gives us access to connect all our different layers – body, mind, heart, spirit and of course our skin. The skin is my focus, but I help you heal by working with and being conscious of these other layers of our humanity – the whole.

Indian Head Massage

A seated massage performed over clothes, so great for those who can’t lie down or prefer to remain fully clothed. The back, neck, arms, shoulders and head are included in the treatment and oil is optional.

Body Massage

Using a wide range of massage skills I create a highly personalised treatment – aromatherapy, muscle energy techniques, Swedish, hot stone, Ayurvedic.

Aroma Reflex

A wonderful combination of massage with aromatherapy oils and reflexology.


Helps the whole body with a sense of well-being. Working through the feet, hands or face this is a deeply relaxing treatment. Hot booties can be added too!

Thermal Ear Candling

Generates a gentle warmth and clearing sensation to head, ears and sinuses, includes a pressure point massage

Gentle Touch Therapy

Designed for those going through cancer therapy or anyone where traditional massage therapy is not suitable. The Made for Life treatments cover, back, legs, arms, head and face – choose whichever is most suitable for you.

I can combine therapies to further tailor your treatment.

Hair Restoration – 3 month programme

Sometimes with age, trauma or medication our hair thins. This treatment combines derma stamping with the Calceim serum, a proven hair restoring serum, a head massage with xxxx hair oil, LED light therapy and a hair mask. It also includes 3 months of homecare products.

Hair Removal

During menopause ladies often see an increase in soft, fluffy hair called vellus hair. It is difficult to remove with normal methods and at Ginger Tree does not recommend dermaplaning which is an aggressive treatment that damages the skin. I prefer to use the DMK Alkaline Wash treatment.

A patch test is required.

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